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Thursday, October 07, 2004


XPN 699-670 Playlist

XPN 699-670
"Walk On The Wild Side" - Lou Reed
"Tapestry" - Carole King
"The Real Me" - The Who
"Passionate Kisses" - Lucinda Williams
"Magic Carpet Ride" - Steppenwolf
"Kid Charlemagne" - Steely Dan
"Hound Dog" - Elvis Presley
"Helplessly Hoping" - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" - Elton John
"Biko" - Peter Gabriel
"Tam Lin" - Fairport Convention
"Rocks Off" - The Rolling Stones
"One Tree Hill" - U2
"Jersey Girl" - Tom Waits
"Jersey Girl" - Bruce Springsteen
"If I Had A Boat" - Lyle Lovett
"And It Stoned Me" - Van Morrison
"Mad World" - Gary Jules/Michael Andrews
"Rhiannon" - Fleetwood Mac
"Powderfinger" - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
"Mary" - Patty Griffin
"Marie Provost" - Nick Lowe
"Loverman" - Billie Holiday
"This Woman's Work" - Kate Bush
"Follow You, Follow Me" - Genesis

"Dear God" by XTC is not on Rhapsody. 'Tis a travesty!


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