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Monday, October 17, 2005

#118 - Odelay, Beck

"Beck managed to successfully bridge commercial success with artistic merit on this award-winning album. The production team of the Dust Brothers, in addition to Beck's own great songwriting, helped define a sound and create an album that nearly everyone agreed on." (real music guide)

#117 - Exile In Guyville, LIz Phair

"This touchstone of the 1990s is a smart, provocative and aesthetically spot-on work from one of the most talented artists of the slacker generation. Phair's Citizen Kane-like debut sketches the fears, wants and bitterness of twentysomething women living in a male-dominated scene with razor-sharp humor and stark honesty. Best college rock album ever." (real music guide)

#116 - Some Girls, The Rolling Stones

"By 1978, the Stones had sunk into such self-parody that another album could only be viewed as an exercise in cynicism. But Some Girls astounded the world as one of their very best records. From the disco sleaze of "Miss You" to Keith's high-water mark, "Before They Make Me Run," and the punk-dumb gem "Shattered," this is one of those records you need." (real music guide)

#115 - O, Damien Rice

"Part of Damien Rice's appeal is that his songs are so affecting, they hit you squarely in the gut. Rice's fervent, quavering delivery mingles with sparse instrumentation, allowing his stories to hang in your mind's eye, exposed like a raw nerve. O paints 10 visceral portraits using bold cinematic strokes." (real music guide)


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