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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

#306 - Dookie, Green Day

"Green Day's 1994 major label debut is considered by many to be their best album. The songs are loaded with hooks, played with an unprecedented professionalism (for Green Day) and leave no question as to why they became as successful as they did. It's an album of catchy pop songs that are just edgy enough to make the kids happy and keep the parents on guard." (real music guide)

#305 - Boy, U2

"U2's debut is remarkable in both its scope and its success in achieving that scope. Anthemic from the moment they're let out of the gates, all members seem possessed by the hope and fury of being young. Yet, innocence and wonder can still be found in "Electric Co." and "Out Of Control." The balance between youth and ambition make this record so great." (real music guide)

#304 - Tomorrow The Green Grass, The Jayhawks

"While the band's earlier efforts perfected a more traditional brand of country-rock, their fourth record is marvelously eclectic, both musically and emotionally; never before had they rocked as hard as on "Real Light," dug as painfully deep as on "Two Hearts," or hit quite the same peaks of exuberance as on "Miss Williams' Guitar," a tribute to Olson's new wife, neo-folkie Victoria Williams." (allmusic guide)

#303 - Rage Against The Machine, Rage Against The Machine

"Nothing compares to the brute force of this album; from the shocking cover to the songs therein, Rage Against the Machine prove they mean business. With an eye toward political activism, Rage's message inspires as much as it exposes. Mixing politics and music is difficult, but this quartet makes it sound natural. This is the must-have album in the band's catalog." (real music guide)


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