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Monday, October 03, 2005

#591 - Shake Your Money Maker, The Black Crowes

"With their 1990 debut album, the brothers Robinson (Chris and Rich) exploded on to the Los Angelino hair-metal dominated rock scene with rootsy southern soul. Sounding a bit like the Faces by way of Terry Reid, their cover of Otis Redding's "Hard To Handle" was a chart-topping hit, as was the ballad "She Talks To Angels."" (real music guide)

#590 - Fashion Nugget, Cake

"The twisted cover of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" is a statement of intent, while the cool jazz riffs from the band's trumpet player are part of what makes tracks like "Daria," "It's Coming Down," and "Frank Sinatra" so original. "The Distance" is a funked-up jam with a Chili Peppers chorus." (amazon editorial review)

#589 - October Project, The October Project

"During their three years with Sony Music, October Project released two recordings of gothic MOR before being dropped by the label and disbanding. This self-titled debut is just slightly rawer than its successor, but fans of October Project's dark, melodic attempts at poetic rock will definitely approve of the 1993 release's lush collection of mid-tempo goth pop." (allmusic guide)

#588 - Moonflower, Santana

"t's downright uncommon when live recorded jams become radio hits, but that's exactly what happened with 1977's Moonflower. Santana's cosmic low-rider take on the Zombies' "She's Not There" as well as the groove heavy "Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen" medley helped propel this album into the Top-10/platinum realm." (real music guide)

#587 - Zen Arcade, Husker Dü

"Without turning down the volume, Hüsker Dü try everything -- pop songs, tape experiments, acoustic songs, pianos, noisy psychedelia. Hüsker Dü willed themselves to make such a sprawling record -- as the liner notes state, the album was recorded and mixed within 85 hours and consists almost entirely of first takes." (allmusic guide)

#586 - Amnesiac, Radiohead

"More song-driven and acoustic than Kid A, Radiohead's Amnesiac isn't quite "Kid B," but it is unquestionably cut from the same far-out cloth, as the band revels in fascinating quirks and abject nihilism. It's also the first time in Radiohead's career that a new record hasn't meant a complete shift in artistic priorities. Surely, however, regardless of which was released first, they both deserve recognition; after all, Amnesiac, like Kid A, is an amazing piece of work." (amazon editorial review)

#585 - The Wind, Warren Zevon

"The Wind feels less like a grand final statement of Warren Zevon's career than one last walk around the field, with the star nodding to his pals, offering a last look at what he does best, and quietly but firmly leaving listeners convinced that he exits the game with no shame and no regrets. Which, all in all, is a pretty good way to remember the guy." (allmusic guide)


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