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Friday, March 18, 2005


Rather than give you Rhapsody links today, how about pointing your browser to South by Southwest for some downloading goodness? Many, many of the showcase artists have offered mp3's of their music on the site. There is a link to a Bittorrent file, or you can get them individually. Some of my favorites:

(Artist name is pop-up link to their SXSW page, song title is link to mp3 download)

Brandi Carlile - "Throw It All Away"

Melissa Ferrick - "Beijing"

Phil Roy - "Melt"

Jupiter and Teardrop - "Bring Me Down"

the amazing Pilots - "The Price of Winter"

Pitty Sing - "Radio"

Jeff Lang - "The Save"

Husky Rescue - "New Light of Tomorrow"

Amos Lee - "Arms of a Woman"

Of Montreal - "So Begins Our Alabee"

Harvey Danger - "Wine, Women and Song"


  • At Tue Mar 22, 10:38:00 AM EST, Blogger The Covalent Bond said…

    Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for adding a link to my blog. I returned the favor and added a link to your blog on The Covalent Bond.

  • At Tue Mar 22, 05:17:00 PM EST, Blogger chris said…

    So, do you get the whole Pitty Sing thing? I remember one of the usually silent DJs on XM Radio station XMU really talking them up on her yearend show last year. But I listened to their disc when it came out and I don't really get it. I mean, catchy and all... and very Simple Mindsish... but I just don't think they pull off an album's worth. Do you?

    I have a Rhapsody blog too, by the way, called worthy<-MUSIC. Very happy to have you in the Rhapsody blogging community!

  • At Wed Mar 23, 04:22:00 PM EST, Blogger Amanda said…

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Chris, I just don't know about Pitty Sing either. I've liked what little I've heard and they were getting some serious airplay on WXPN in Philly earlier this year. I'll be adding WorthyMusic to my links!

  • At Wed Mar 23, 11:09:00 PM EST, Blogger chris said…

    Wow, thanks... I'll definitely return the favor. Love having people out there who like to discuss new music and bounce ideas around. Great stuff.


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