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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

#302 - Nick Of Time, Bonnie Raitt

"(Producer Don) Was used Raitt's classic early-'70s records as a blueprint, choosing to update the sound with a smooth, professional production and a batch of excellent contemporary songs. In this context, Raitt flourishes; she never rocks too hard, but there is grit to her singing and playing, even when the surfaces are clean and inviting." (allmusic guide)

#301 Live Rust, Neil Young & Crazy Horse

"Recorded live in 1978 at San Francisco's Cow Palace, Live Rust is an epic double disc that balanced Young's lush, live acoustic songs with his Fender amp-crunching Crazy Horse style. This is the very sound that inspired a generation of ripped-jeans-and-flannel-clad Pacific Northwestern musicians in the early '90s." (real music guide)

#300 - Licensed To Ill, The Beastie Boys

"The Beasties' classic 1986 debut hit the scene like a 500 ton megablast -- the first rap record to reach No. 1. It's loaded with crass humor, pop culture references, and numerous odes to dust, beer, and girls. Backed by rock-tinged 808 beats from Rick Rubin and Run-D.M.C., the album is a far cry from their later, more politically correct work. Obnoxious rap at its finest." (real music guide)

#299 - The Clash, The Clash

"The power chords may have been borrowed from the Who, and their sense of purpose lifted from the Sex Pistols, but the Clash's debut showcased something wholly their own. Fierce, politically engaged music with just a hint of Reggae peeking through the Punk Rock anthems." (real music guide)

#298 - Help!, The Beatles

"(John Lennon's) Dylan infatuation holds strong, particularly on the plaintive "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" and the title track, where the brash arrangement disguises Lennon's desperation. Driven by an indelible 12-string guitar, "Ticket to Ride" is another masterpiece and "You're Going to Lose That Girl" is the kind of song McCartney effortlessly tosses off." (allmusic guide)


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