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Sunday, October 09, 2005

#391 - Joan Armatrading, Joan Armatrading

"Joan Armatrading's eponymous third album is a charmer, almost single-handedly elevating her into the ranks of rock's leading female artists. Up to this point, Armatrading had shown that she had a lovely voice and an ear for interesting arrangements, but her work had been steeped in the folk idiom of the early '70s. Her third album changed all that." (allmusic guide)

#390 - A Hard Day's Night, The Beatles

"A Hard Day's Night not only was the de facto soundtrack for their movie, not only was it filled with nothing but Lennon-McCartney originals, but it found the Beatles truly coming into their own as a band. All of the disparate influences on their first two albums had coalesced into a bright, joyous, original sound, filled with ringing guitars and irresistible melodies." (allmusic guide)

#389 - Machine Head, Deep Purple

"Simply one of the most important rock records of all time. Not only does every guitarist learn "Smoke On the Water" at some point, there are few moments in rock as jarringly, unspeakably great as Ian Gillian shrieking in "Space Truckin'." Then there's the rest of "Space Truckin'." And "Highway Star." And "Space Truckin'."" (real music guide)

#388 - Past, Present, Future, Al Stewart

"...the record where Al Stewart truly begins to discover his voice. This is largely through his decision to indulge his fascination with history and construct a concept album that begins with "Old Admirals" and ends with "Nostradamus" and his predictions for the future." (allmusic guide)

#387 - Chutes Too Narrow, The Shins

"Easily avoiding the second album slump, Chutes is a celebration of the three-minute pop song. The tracks are a natural extension of the shimmering finesse the group presented on 2001's Oh, Inverted World, exemplified by the leadoff tune, "Kissing the Lipless," and the single "So Says I."" (real music guide)

#386 - Grievous Angel, Gram Parsons

"n 1972, Gram Parsons recorded two solo albums. He was only 26 when he died the following year, but these two records reveal an old soul. The music is a melting pot of country, gospel, soul and rock. Take a listen and understand why some say he invented country rock, and that there'd be no Eagles or alt country without him." (real music guide)


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