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Thursday, October 06, 2005

#430 - Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood Mac

"Fleetwood Mac's tenth album features the winning final lineup in its first full-fledged outing. The soon-to-be familiar traits of utterly beautiful singing and perfect songwriting are easily found on Fleetwood Mac. You can almost hear the group preparing to take over the world with Rumours, which would follow in a year. Includes the single "Over My Head."" (real music guide)

#429 - Five Leaves Left, Nick Drake

"His own performance itself steered a careful balance between too-easy accessibility and maudlin self-reflection, combining the best of both worlds while avoiding the pitfalls on either side. The result was a fantastic debut appearance, and if the cult of Drake consistently reads more into his work than is perhaps deserved, Five Leaves Left is still a most successful effort." (allmusic guide)

#428 - Bee Thousand, Guided By Voices

"On Bee Thousand, Guided by Voices sounds like a passionate and gloriously quirky garage band fronted by a thrillingly and maddeningly idiosyncratic songwriter; its many pearly moments make it a fascinating discovery for rock enthusiasts, but a few years would pass before this band was fully earning the new accolades showered upon it." (allmsuic guide)

#427 - Meat Is Murder, The Smiths

"While the Smith's second album from 1985 does contain a few misfires, there's so much strong material and inspired songwriting that this album is an essential listen for any fan of guitar pop. The American version contains the hit "How Soon Is Now" (otherwise an anomaly). "The Headmaster Ritual" and "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore" certify the record's classic status."

#426 - When I Woke, Rusted Root

"Rusted Root's debut album is an agreeable collection of post-hippie folk/rock. Drawing from The Grateful Dead, Phish, and Graceland-era Paul Simon in equal measures, the band can certainly work a low-key groove, spinning out solos and singsong melodies at well. They haven't perfected their songwriting yet -- many of the songs sound underdeveloped -- but their music sounds mature and hints at their potential." (allmusic guide)


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