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Monday, October 24, 2005

#44 - Court And Spark, Joni Mitchell

"There's rock music, pop music, etc. Then there's Joni Mitchell's flat-out incredible vision, which has ties to the Beat generation, folkies and hippies, but goes so much further than any of them. Her elastic vocal phrasing and even more elastic sense of song structure, not to mention her bizarro yet brilliant guitar playing, really come together on this 1974 release." (real music guide)

#43 - Harvest, Neil Young

"With a little help from the London Symphony Orchestra and some outstanding country rock musicians and singers, Neil Young's most popular album finds him singing about his search for new love, age and mortality, and losing a good friend to heroin abuse. Rich wooden tones and exquisitely layered arrangements bring Harvest's tracks to life." (real music guide)

#42 - Electric Ladyland, The Jimi Hendrix Experience

"Jimi's third and final album with the Experience, Electric Ladyland, is arguably his most experimental and ambitious LP to date. Awash in psychedelic studio wizardry, but still rooted in deep blues, it features key jams such as "Voodoo Chile," "All Along The Watchtower," and "Crosstown Traffic." Undeniably classic." (real music guide)

#41 - Quadrophenia, The Who

"For their second take on the Rock Opera, the Who get deep, examining their roots as Mods and the personality of the band as driven by four individuals. The double album soundtrack, besides thoroughly telling the Who's complex story, contains a number of standout songs ("The Real Me," "5:15," "I'm the One"). It's one of the last truly great albums the Who recorded." (real music guide)

#40 - Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs, Derek and the Dominos

"The guitar riff from "Layla" is arguably Clapton's most famous, but it's the shuffling country rock of "I Looked Away," Clapton's psychic pain (you can hear it), "Bell Bottom Blues," and Duane Allman that make this record the touchstone that it is. Just stay away from the blues standards and be careful not to overlook "I Am Yours."" (real music guide)


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