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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

#74 - Crosby, Stills & Nash, Crosby, Stills & Nash

"With their stunning harmonies, Crosby Stills & Nash's self-titled effort is an impressive debut for this trio, whose collective resumes include the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and the Hollies. The socially conscious lyrics may date Crosby Stills & Nash a bit, but elegantly crafted songs such as "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" and "Wooden Ships" are timeless, potent gems." (real music guide)

#73 - Late For The Sky, Jackson Browne

"Browne found his voice on his third album as he explores the thin line between fantasy and reality following the sad trajectory of a love affair in its final days. Almost a song suite about romantic illusion and delusion, his sheer, perfect poetry doesn't soften the blow, but sometimes you just have to purge the pain with tears. The quintessential break-up album." (real music guide)

#72 - Waiting For Columbus, Little Feat

"The versions on Waiting are full-bodied and fully-realized, putting the studio cuts to shame. Early classics like "Fat Man in the Bathtub" and "Tripe Face Boogie" aren't as revelatory, but it's still a pleasure to hear a great band run through their best songs, stretching them out and finding new quirks within them." (allmusic guide)

#71 - Animals, Pink Floyd

"Possibly the coldest music ever committed to tape, Animals is a negative trip with unbelievably cool guitars (four minutes into "Dogs" and all of "Sheep"), brain-shattering synthesizers (animal sounds continually turn into coded messages from the Grim Reaper) and songs longer than should be legally allowed. Still, it's near perfect." (real music guide)

#70 - Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, Sarah McLachlan

"A somber, spooky record released at the start of McLachlan's rise to fame. This strong set of atmospheric, well-crafted songs was so far from what McLachlan's supposed contemporaries (Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow) were doing at the time that people could not help but pay attention. The intensity of "Possession" didn't hurt, either." (real music guide)


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