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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

#478 - White Light/White Heat, The Velvet Underground

"While the VU's debut was a perfect marriage between accessible guitar pop and avant-garde rock, this cuts out the prettiness, letting the band's noisy beauty take complete control. Another stunner, it closes with the scuz classic "Sister Ray," which takes a "Wild Thing"-style primitive rocker and expands it into a brilliant epic that proves art can also be retarded, juvenile fun." (real music guide)

#477 - The Way It Is, Bruce Hornsby & The Range

"One of the best collections of new songs released in the 1980s, performed to perfection by a versatile band led by a seasoned (if new to the listener) artist. The songs provide an American panorama, in terms of both landscape and social mores. This is smart, compassionate music for thinking adults...and you can dance to it, too. Includes "The Way It Is" and "Mandolin Rain."" (allmusic guide)

#476 - Diamonds & Rust, Joan Baez

"But the real hit was the title track, a self-penned masterpiece on the singer's favorite subject, her relationship with Bob Dylan. Outdoing the current crop of confessional singer/songwriters at soul baring, Baez sang to Dylan, reminiscing about her '60s love affair with him intensely, affectionately, and unsentimentally. It was her finest moment as a songwriter and one of her finest performances, period, and when A&M finally released it on 45, it made the Top 40, propelling the album to gold status." (allmusic guide)

#475 - Before The Flood, Bob Dylan & The Band

"He could only have performed interpretations this radical with a group as sympathetic, knowing of his traits as the band, whose own recordings here are respites from the storm. And this is a storm -- the sound of a great rocker, surprising his band and audience by tearing through his greatest songs in a manner that might not be comforting, but it guarantees it to be one of the best live albums of its time. Ever, maybe." (allmusic guide)

#474 - Check Your Head, The Beastie Boys

"Released in 1992, the Beasties' third LP launched the trio back into the spotlight while also redefining their sound. No longer working with outside producers, they rock live instruments on much of the album, and sell millions in the process. Packed with gems and hit singles like "So What'cha Want" and "Pass the Mic."" (real music guide)

#473 - Red Dirt Girl, Emmylou Harris

"Here, drum loops and middle eastern melodies nestle in comfortably next to warm guitar work and Harris' gently wavering voice. Her extensive guest work on dozens and dozens of recent releases (showing up on albums by everyone from Guy Clark to Midnight Oil) pays off with great help from Bruce Springsteen, Patti Scialfa, Buddy and Julie Miller, Guy Clark, Kate McGarrigle, and even alt-rock upstarts Dave Matthews and Luscious Jackson's Jill Cunniff." (allmusic guide)

#472 - Night & Day, Joe Jackson

"A divorce and subsequent move to New York City resulted in the biggest seller of Joe Jackson's career. His piano comes to the forefront, the New Wave guitars of old get replaced with Latin percussion, and the synthy "Steppin' Out" was one of 1982's biggest hits. Along with Roxy Music's Avalon, this kick-started the Adult Alternative genre." (real music guide)


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