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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

#551 - Relationship Of Command, At The Drive-In

"On this 11-track masterpiece, so full of adrenaline and swarming moods, ATDI has created one of the most infecting and mind-blowing rock albums in a long time. While most of the tracks are of the more aggressive edge, this is undeniably the band's most focused and well put together and, therefore, best all-around album yet." (allmusic guide)

#550 - Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, Pink Floyd

"Floyd's first is nothing like the records for which they're most known, so fasten your seatbelt if you're a beginner. Psychedelic traveler Syd Barrett's vision (jazz meets Surf Rock in a fairytale world of mice who ride bikes) is weird and fun until the creepy crawlies grab that cloud you're floating on and start eating your eyes out. This is one of the greats." (real music guide)

#549 - Willy & The Poor Boys, Creedence Clearwater Revival

"Willy & the Poorboys has some of CCR's biggest hits, but it's the biblical ominousness of "Don't Look Now" and the pinpoint accuracy of "It Came Out of the Sky" that stand among John Fogerty's finest moments. (Don't miss the Ronald Reagan reference in the latter track.) Also note how blistering an indictment "Fortunate Son" was in 1969, amid the Vietnam War." (real music guide)

#548 - Hoist, Phish

"Hoist is the most concise Phish album to date, but that's not necessarily a compliment. Phish's strength is not songcraft or hooks, it's the band's love of free-form song structures and extended jams. When the group's sound is reduced to its core, as it is on Hoist, it isn't quite as compelling. Nevertheless, the album is an improvement on the dismal Rift and features several fine cuts." (allmusic guide)

#547 - The B-52's, The B-52's

"Way before "Love Shack" permeated the staff party circuit, the B-52's were one of the coolest, weirdest bands to come out of the New Wave explosion. This album proves it. It's not all beehives and kitsch -- there are some seriously great surf/go-go/punk-pop songs here. "52 Girls" is probably their best moment ever. There's also that song about the lobster." (real music guide)


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