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Saturday, October 01, 2005

#721 - Transformer, Lou Reed

"Musically, Reed's work didn't have too much in common with the sonic bombast of the glam scene, but at least it was a place where his eccentricities could find a comfortable home, and on Transformer Bowie and his right-hand man, Mick Ronson, crafted a new sound for Reed that was better fitting (and more commercially astute) than the ambivalent tone of his first solo album." (allmusic guide)

#720 - Good News For People Who Love Bad News, Modest Mouse

"Isaac Brock's grasp on mortality is still marked by nervous bits of energy, but never has his group sounded so full and melodious. Even though an array of ornate instruments replaces the scratchy, explosive bits, Modest Mouse retain their original approach to guitar sounds and unique song arrangements." (real music guide)

#719 - Los Lonely Boys, Los Lonely Boys

"Substance and style come together with this Willie Nelson-endorsed Texas brother act. Los Lonely Boys sound the way bands used to sound: like they live for the joy of playing together. They've created border soul music, with Albert King, Jose Alfredo Jimenez and the Beatles their patron saints." (real music guide)

#718 - Live At Red Rocks, Dave Matthews Band

"Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95 shouldn't disappoint fans already familiar with the band's loose-limbed, jazzy live show, but it should come as a revelation to listeners unacquainted with that aspect of Matthews. In fact, the record often sounds livelier and more energetic than its studio counterparts, and that alone makes it a necessary purchase for dedicated fans." (allmusic guide)

#717 - Crowded House, Crowded House

"(Neil) Finn at his best overshadowed this fairly stilted production with his expert songcraft. As it happened, the record was blessed by good timing, and the majestic ballad "Don't Dream It's Over" became an international hit, while its follow-up, the breezy "Something So Strong," also turned into a hit." (allmusic guide)

#716 - A Charlie Brown Christmas, Vince Guaraldi Trio

"Not only is this one of the greatest Xmas albums ever, it's one of the few holiday releases that you can enjoy throughout the year (and it doesn't even matter if you've seen the beloved Peanuts TV special or not!). Guaraldi's original tunes "Linus & Lucy," "Skating" and the oddly melancholy "Christmas Time Is Here" have all become a part of our culture." (real music guide)


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