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Monday, October 31, 2005

Ten Years After: October 1995

Almost forgot - it's the last day of the month and time for another Ten Years After!

Not that I remember much of this specific month, but I sure remember loving this edition of the CMJ CD. There are precious few tracks rhap-vailable, but what is here is mighty enjoyable. Does Buffalo Tom perfectly capture their time and place? Does Dishwalla do the same? Was that Dance Hall Crashers song played on college radio way too much? You bet.

Listen to CMJ, October 1995

* "Tangerine" - Buffalo Tom
* "Enough" - Dance Hall Crashers
* "7 Words" - Deftones
* "Travelling Light" - Tindersticks
* "Nothing Sacred" - Jonatha Brooke
* "Haze" - Dishwalla
* "Selling Jesus" - Skunk Anansie
* "You Do Something To Me" - Paul Weller

In trying to dig up the tracks from this CD, I stumbled across a very neat website called paper cd case. You can look up most any CD in the freedb or enter your own mix and then print out a paper sleeve to keep it in. These kids and their brilliant websites. Why can't I ever think of this stuff?


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