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Friday, May 06, 2005

shivers in the sheets

I've held off posting about Ryan Adams' latest effort Cold Roses til now so I could give a thorough listen and comment fairly. Ever since Heartbreaker, I've been an avowed RA fan. Despite his mercurial reputation and uneven concert performances, a Ryan Adams studio album almost always provides more than a few gems to hold onto. I wasn't particularly keen on Rock N Roll or Love Is Hell, but this new double disc sees the kind of Ryan Adams that just hits you right there. Bruce Warren from WXPN says "the genius of Ryan is that as his output increases, the quality of his songwriting maintains its strength and consistency. That said though, if it had been a single album, Cold Roses would have made one of the best albums of the decade, an alt-country classic. It still ranks pretty high up there."

Instead of posting a link to the whole album, here's a playlist of my favorites from Cold Roses, with a few classics from earlier releases tacked on. The best of the new with the best of the old.

Listen to Ryan Adams, Old and New

Cold Roses
* "Let It Ride"
* "Magnolia Mountain"
* "Meadowlake Street"
* "Beautiful Sorta"
* "Now That You're Gone"
* "Cherry Lane"
* "Easy Plateau"
* "Cold Roses"
* "You Will Always Be The Same"
* "Cry On Demand" (my favorite RA song)
* "Touch, Feel & Lose"
* "Oh My Sweet Carolina"
* "Come Pick Me Up"
* "Shakedown On 9th Street"


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