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Thursday, June 30, 2005

New Feature - Ten Years After

CMJ has, for some years, been putting out a monthly magazine called CMJ New Music Monthly that comes with a CD sampler of newly released music. While I'm told that the magazine has faltered somewhat in recent times (often skipping months or delaying issues), it was a definitive source of new music info in the early-to-mid 90s.

While organizing my extremely scattered CD collection, I came across a stack of CMJ discs, starting with the June 1995 issue, my very first CMJ purchase. The resulting playlist I compiled from the CD contains few tracks, but it's a small snapshot of the mid-90's music scene. As the ten-year anniversary of my other CMJ CD's come around I'll try to post a playlist with the songs available on Rhapsody.

Listen to CMJ - June 1995

* "Heroin Girl" - Everclear
* "Stars" - HUM
* "Ono Soul" - Thurston Moore
* "Marta's Song" - Deep Forest
* "Shame" - Low
* "Eric's Had A Bad Day" - SNFU
* "Suffering" - Satchel
* "Fiery Coffin" - Scud Mountain Boys


  • At Sun Jul 03, 09:54:00 PM EDT, Blogger mountmccabe said…

    I have rechristened the mag NMO, New Music Occasionally.

    It is, however, very interesting to go back and see how bands showcased in the past have turned out; how the music has stood the test of time; how the bands have changed (or not) over the years.

  • At Tue Jul 05, 05:58:00 PM EDT, Blogger drake leLane said…

    That's a great idea! I'll be eagerly awaiting each months's list...

  • At Wed Jul 06, 08:08:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Ross M Karchner said…

    Wow, I think CMJ CD's from that era are where I first heard alot of my favorite artists.

    Bob Mould and Greg Dulli come to mind.


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