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Friday, October 14, 2005

#181 - Magical Mystery Tour, The Beatles

"The psychedelic sound is very much in the vein of Sgt. Pepper, and even spacier in parts (especially the sound collages of "I Am the Walrus"). Unlike Sgt. Pepper, there's no vague overall conceptual/thematic unity to the material, which has made Magical Mystery Tour suffer slightly in comparison. Still, the music is mostly great." (allmusic guide)

#180 - Harvest Moon, Neil Young

"Right before he had been tagged the "Godfather of Grunge," Neil Young still recorded twangy tunes. While 1992's Harvest Moon may not have sounded like Pearl Jam, but as a follow-up to 1972's Harvest, songs like "From Hank To Hendrix," paint pictures of living twenty years after the canyon rock dream died." (real music guide)

#179 - Four Way Street, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

"Although imperfect, 4 Way Street is essential for fans of CSN&Y. Its downfall is the way members take their individual turn in the spotlight, sidestepping the sharp harmonies that endeared CSN&Y to us in the first place. On the upside, the remastered version released in 1992 includes Young's "Cinnamon Girl/The Loner" medley and Nash's "King Midas in Reverse."" (real music guide)

#178 - Terrapin Station, The Grateful Dead

"Terrapin Station marks several milestones for the Grateful Dead: It was the band's first studio album in two years, as well as their return to a major label -- in this case Arista Records. More significant however is the use of an outside (read: non-Grateful Dead) producer. This was only the second time in which the Dead did not seize complete control. And the first time in a decade that they would relinquish their production reigns." (allmusic guide)


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