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Friday, October 14, 2005

#204 - Play, Moby

"Although several tracks are based on field recordings made by folklorist Alan Lomax in the early 1900s, one cannot overlook Moby's daring and brilliant success with Play (1999). Abandoning (thankfully) his brief flirtation with alternative rock, he turned to gospel and blues, coming away with a fresh sound and vocal highlights that put him in the pop spotlight." (real music guide)

#203 - Time Out, The Dave Brubeck Quartet

"More than just a brilliant experiment in grafting foreign time signatures to modern jazz, this album also features superb songs, a hit single in the form of the perennial classic "Take Five," and an over-riding feeling of pure joy. This was a crossover popular smash and it also helped free jazz's boundaries." (real music guide)

#202 - Let It Be, The Replacements

"The 'Mats first classic album balances ramshackle, juvenile punkiness with Paul Westerberg's quickly blossoming songwriting talents. "I Will Dare," "Androgynous" and "Unsatisfied" all became fan favorites by turning fragile, private emotions into outward expressions of confusion and need. And they'd get even better than this!" (real music guide)

#201 - In My Tribe, 10,000 Maniacs

"Although it is the band's strongest record, that doesn't mean that it's held up incredibly well. Political correctness and heavy messages are stretched to the breaking point while the smart, jangling, folk-pop arrangements are polished and re-polished. Still, "What's The Matter Here" and "Like The Weather" are simple pleasures." (real music guide)

#200 - Reckoning, R.E.M.

"The sound of an indie band that's been touring incessantly. While the songs are every bit as strange and beautiful as the ones on Murmur, they're also more driving -- tailor-made for a band that can't stop spinning around on stage. Even the slow, sad numbers feature insistent rhythms. "Harborcoat" and "7 Chinese Brothers" are early-period R.E.M. at their best." (real music guide)


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