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Thursday, October 13, 2005

#228 - Living In The Past, Jethro Tull

"It's all so solid that it needs no apology or explanation. Not only was Ian Anderson writing solid songs every time out, but the group's rhythm section was about the best in progressive rock's pop division. Along with any of the group's first five albums, this collection is seminal and essential to any Tull collection." (allmusic guide)

#227 - Lucinda Williams, Lucinda Williams

"Lucinda Williams took eight years to write and record her second album of original songs. While some producers and record executives have said that she is difficult to work with, one can never argue with the finished product. She crafts each song meticulously and deftly blends country, blues, and folk to create a unique sound that cannot be pigeonholed into any particular format." (allmusic guide)

#226 - Sea Change, Beck

"Beck leaves the Hollywood freaks behind and heads to the country on this excellent disc. It's a refreshing change from Beck's post-modern party guy persona. The focus on singing and songwriting recalls Mutations, while the melancholy lyrics are backed by full arrangements for strings, piano and acoustic guitar." (real music guide)

#225 - Tunnel Of Love, Bruce Springsteen

"The often-overlooked follow-up to Born in the USA finds Springsteen -- struggling in a marriage of two years -- leaving his hot-rod parked outside and instead telling stories from inside the marital home. "Spare Parts" chills the soul; "Valentine's Day" is a mystical gem. Haunting stuff." (real music guide)


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