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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

#297 - Time Out Of Mind, Bob Dylan

"The songs themselves are uniformly powerful, adding up to Dylan's best overall collection in years. It's a better, more affecting record than Oh Mercy, not only because the songs have a stronger emotional pull, but because Lanois hasn't sanded away all the grit. As a result, the songs retain their power, leaving Time Out of Mind as one of the rare latter-day Dylan albums that meets his high standards." (allmusic guide)

#296 - Full Moon Fever, Tom Petty

"Tom Petty's first record without the Heartbreakers was a massive success, powered by a number of hit singles, most notably "Free Fallin'" and "I Won't Back Down." The record was produced by ELO's Jeff Lynne, who also co-wrote nearly half the songs. Petty's best record since Hard Promises." (real music guide)

#295 - X&Y, Coldplay

"This is Coldplay at their most epic, recalling all the grandiose moments of the bands that inspired them (U2, Radiohead, the Verve, Echo & the Bunnymen). There are a few scattered instances of frantic guitars, but mainly the group offers track after track of stargazing ballads rooted firmly in the ground." (real music guide)

#294 - Trouble, Ray Lamontagne

"The best songs on Trouble, the debut release from songwriter Ray LaMontagne, draw on deep wells of emotion, and with LaMontagne's sandpapery voice, which recalls a gruffer, more sedate version of Tim Buckley or an American version of Van Morrison, they seem to belie his years. The title tune, "Trouble," is an instant classic." (allmusic guide)


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