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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

#456 - Sketches Of Spain, Miles Davis

"Clearly at his most challenged here, (Miles Davis) delivers with grace and verve. Sketches of Spain is the most luxuriant and stridently romantic recording Davis ever made. To listen to it in the 21st century is still a spine-tingling experience, as one encounters a multitude of timbres, tonalities, and harmonic structures seldom found in the music called jazz." (allmusic guide)

#455 - Ritual de lo Habitual, Jane's Addiction

"Ritual De Lo Habitual is the Jane's Addiction album to turn newcomers onto the band. On their sophomore studio effort, the band successfully incorporated hooks and big choruses into their blistering, esoteric sound, and were "rewarded" with a proper radio/MTV hit as a result. Start here and move backward on the road to discovering Jane's Addiction." (real music guide)

#454 - Rastaman Vibration, Bob Marley & The Wailers

"The first strains of "Positive Vibration" have to give you chills. This is the sound of an artist entering his prime and stating his convictions, and for all the warm, bass-heavy atmosphere, there's something stark at work here. Marley's ancient voice sounds amazing, particularly on the chilling "Johnny Was."" (real music guide)

#453 - Regatta de Blanc, The Police

"On the Police's sophomore effort, Reggatta de Blanc, the band sound sharper and more assured of themselves. Future classics "Walking On the Moon," "Message In a Bottle," and "The Bed's Too Big Without You" makes this album difficult to resist, ranking it second only to their hits collections or Zenyatta Mondatta." (real music guide)

#452 - Want One, Rufus Wainwright

"As is to be expected, the songs are meticulously layered and richly textured, with full orchestral passages and many-throated harmonies. Producer Marius deVries (Björk, Massive Attack, Madonna) didn't mess with the already successful Wainwright sound, allowing for the young singer/ songwriter/multi-instrumentalist to explore his familiar themes of love, loss, and "singin' about places" with the anticipated fanfare and flourish." (allmusic guide)

#451 - Rockin' The Suburbs, Ben Folds

"Rockin' the Suburbs is as good a record as any he's made, possibly his best. It's still possible to hear his influences -- Joe Jackson still stands out, as do elements of Billy Joel and Todd Rundgren -- but there's no shame there, and he's accepted it as part of his musical personality so much that it sounds like him, even when it sounds familiar." (allmusic guide)


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