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Saturday, October 01, 2005

#688 - Getz/Gilberto, Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto

"One of the biggest-selling jazz albums of all time, not to mention bossa nova's finest moment, Getz/Gilberto trumped Jazz Samba by bringing two of bossa nova's greatest innovators -- guitarist/singer João Gilberto and composer/pianist Antonio Carlos Jobim -- to New York to record with Stan Getz. The results were magic." (allmusic guide)

#687 - The Bravery, The Bravery

"Pulsating synths, flashy and distraught vocals, and stomping choruses secure the Bravery a winning spot in the '80s revival pop sweepstakes. They walk close to camp on their debut but pull through thanks to their understanding of the epic pop song. "Give In" exemplifies the wide scope of their talents." (real music guide)

#686 - Rocks, Aerosmith

"From Steve Tyler's first shriek to Joe Perry's muted, hard funk guitars, "Back In the Saddle" is one of the band's weirdest but best numbers. They keep up the eccentric pace with the sleazy robot of "Last Child" (how'd they do that anyway? Even Bowie can't make robots sleazy), proving that Rocks is one of those albums where you can feel a band hitting their stride." (real music guide)

#685 - It's A Shame About Ray, The Lemonheads

"Evan Dando's great songwriting really became evident on this 1992 record. It's a heartfelt mixture of sloppy guitars and undeniably catchy pop songs. Their punk roots are showing, but it's the sunshine that really makes everything sound great. Especially on "Rudderless." Some versions of this album contain their hit version of "Mrs. Robinson."" (real music guide)

#684 - 3 Feet High And Rising, De La Soul

"The most inventive, assured, and playful debut in hip-hop history, 3 Feet High and Rising not only proved that rappers didn't have to talk about the streets to succeed, but also expanded the palette of sampling material with a kaleidoscope of sounds and references culled from pop, soul, disco, and even country music." (allmusic guide)

#683 - Midnite Vultures, Beck

"A party record if there ever was one, Midnite Vultures is great fun to listen to, with the wah-wah Funk of "Mixed Bizness" or the Electro-pop of "Get Real Paid." However, Beck is more in his copy-ist mode, playing the role of G-Funk gangsta, Prince and old school hip-hopper, rather than further eking out his own persona." (real music guide)


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