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Thursday, September 29, 2005

#849 - Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley, Robert Palmer

"Palmer's debut is loose-limbed, New Orleans-funky, and polished without being sterile. The Maltese crooner is backed by the organic grooves of the Meters and Little Feat, which may explain why this is remembered as Palmer's only tough, gritty release. It's actually smooth as a silk cravat until Palmer explodes at the end of the 12-minute closer." (real music guide)

#848 - Honky Chateau, Elton John

"Honky Chateau delivered Elton John from singer-songwriter status to pop star, thanks to songs such as "Honky Cat" and "Rocket Man." This is one of Elton's best albums; both he and Bernie Taupin have hit their stride. Casual listeners may opt for any of his Greatest Hits albums, but Honky Chateau should be in every fan's music collection." (real music guide)

#847 - Bare Trees, Fleetwood Mac

"Bare Trees is a singer/songwriter album in the traditional early-'70s style, backed up with just enough musical muscle to keep from sounding like weedy soft rock in the manner of Bread or Cat Stevens." (allmusic guide)

#846 - Rent, Original Broadway Cast Recording

"An optimistic modernization of Puccini's opera La Bohème, Jonathan Larson's Rent was revered by the theatre community as the revitalizing hope for the Great White Way...the musical that contains the song "Seasons of Love," which is quickly becoming a standard." (allmusic guide) (Blogger's note: The upcoming movie's original sountrack has been substituted in the Rhapsody link)

#845 - ( ), Sigur Ros

"Perhaps it's most effective when digested in halves. Are Sigur Rós pretentious somnambulists bearing gimmicks, or are they Nordic gods bearing musical bliss? Regardless of the side you're on, ( ) is further proof that this group does what it does very well." (allmusic guide)

#844 - Flying Cowboys, Rickie Lee Jones

"From the opening track, "The Horses," which suggested a mother's delight with her child as much as a lover's devotion, Jones reintroduced the joyous tone of her early work as well as establishing the Western theme that would run through the album -- cowboys, rodeos, horses, deserts -- without adding up to an actual story line." (allmusic guide)


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