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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

#867 - Zuma, Neil Young

"Neil followed up the harrowing brilliance of Tonight's the Night with a structurally less-challenging (it didn't sound like he was going off the deep end), yet equally powerful record in Zuma. Marked by "Cortez the Killer" and the often overlooked "Danger Bird," Zuma is also the first record with Danny Whitten's replacement, Frank Sampedro." (real music guide)

#866 - After Bathing At Baxter's, Jefferson Airplane

"Bookending the year that psychedelia emerged in full bloom as a freestanding musical form, After Bathing at Baxter's was among the purest of rock's psychedelic albums, offering few concessions to popular taste and none to the needs of AM radio, which made it nowhere remotely as successful as its predecessor, but it was also a lot more daring." (allmusic guide)

#865 - New Favorite, Alison Krauss & Union Station

"Too many of the pop-minded songs fall flat in comparison, but although this may not be the group's best effort overall, no other crossover bluegrass band begins to meet their mark either musically or emotionally, as New Favorite so amply shows." (amazon editorial review)

#864 - Today, Raul Malo

"In terms of style and approach, Today isn't what most people might expect from Raul Malo, but one listen makes it clear the man has a great voice, sure instincts, and talent to spare -- and anyone who has ever listened to his music ought to be well-aware of that." (allmusic guide)

#863 - The Head On The Door, The Cure

"The Cure refocused and ultimately hit their stride with Head on the Door, producing an album which not only more effectively depicted gloom, but also showed enough pop smarts to make it memorable (and even danceable)...(the band) made more accomplished albums later on and had bigger hits, but none combined artistic ambition with really catchy songs as well as Head on the Door." (allmusic guide)

#862 - Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan

"Bob Dylan's first album is a lot like the debut albums by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones -- a sterling effort, outclassing most, if not all, of what came before it in the genre, but similarly eclipsed by the artist's own subsequent efforts." (allmusic guide)


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