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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

#873 - Double Fantasy, John Lennon

"These are really nice tunes, and what's special about them is their niceness -- it's a sweet acceptance of middle age, which, of course, makes his assassination all the sadder. For that alone, Double Fantasy is noteworthy, yet it's hard not to think that it's a bit of a missed opportunity...Lennon's best songs here cement the last part of his legend, capturing him at peace and in love." (allmusic guide)

#872 - Mellow Gold, Beck

"From its kaleidoscopic array of junk-culture musical styles to its assured, surrealistic wordplay, Beck's debut album, Mellow Gold, is a stunner. Throughout the record, Beck plays as if there are no divisions between musical genres, freely blending rock, rap, folk, psychedelia, and country...By blending boundaries so thoroughly and intoxicatingly, Mellow Gold established a new vein of alternative rock, one that was fueled by ideas instead of attitude." (allmusic guide)

#871 - Souvenirs, Dan Fogelberg

"(Fogelberg's) growth was most evident on the rollicking, anthemic "Part of the Plan," a buoyant, radio-friendly pop hit that brought Fogelberg to a larger audience, and, at the time, easily placed him alongside such California hitmakers as Joni Mitchell, the Eagles and Jackson Browne. "As the Raven Flies" revealed Fogelberg to be capable of making edgy, guitar-driven rock and exhibited his range as a vocalist." (allmusic guide) (Blogger's note: Dan Fogelberg???)

#870 - Full House (Live), J. Geils Band

"Live is the way the J. Geils Band should be experienced; they put on a show like few others, and Full House is the proof. From start to finish, there is not one bad cut. From the opener, "First I Look at the Purse" right on through "Looking for a Love," these guys don't give up an inch." (allmusic guide)

#869 - American Pie, Don McLean

"McLean's ode to Buddy Holly began with a folky intro that sounded like a protest song. Almost nine minutes later the song finally ends. Sure the song's poetic, sure it's a touching tribute, and sure, it's undeniably a classic. But it also became the bane of McLean's existence for many years as it was the only one of his songs that people wanted to hear. American Pie the album sold well on the strength of the title track, and even propelled the comparatively weak "Vincent" into the Top 20. A fine release rooted in folk, American Pie is a classic, whether anyone actually pays attention to the other songs or not." (amazon editorial review)

#868 - Idlewild South, Allman Brothers Band

"The song "Revival" pretty much explains where jam rock came from, but that's not the Allmans' fault. Well, maybe it is. Anyway, Idlewild South does contain "Midnight Rider," which marks one of the great moments in rock songwriting. Also, "Please Call Home" proves Greg and Duane were paying attention when they were hanging around all those soul acts at Muscle Shoals." (real music guide)


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