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Thursday, October 13, 2005

#233 - Swamp Ophelia, Indigo Girls

"Reflecting back to their pioneering singer/songwriting days of the late '80s and early '90s, this album is confident in the face of the male-dominated music industry and the Indigo Girls are no longer afraid to hit upon past relationships and personal emotion. Saliers and Ray's incredible harmonies are most stylish and songs such as "Language of the Kiss" and "Touch Me Fall" are illustriously romantic and serene." (allmusic guide)

#232 - Brushfire Fairytales, Jack Johnson

"If surfer hunk Jack Johnson's debut album sounds reminiscent of Ben Harper, it could be on account of producer J.P. Plunier (Harper's mix master) helping in the studio. Fans of Johnson's hushed vocal groove and earthy tones should check out Motherhips' Tim Bluhm, another handsome surfer bard with happy hippie folk songs." (real music guide)

#231 - Pinkerton, Weezer

"Loosely structured as a concept album based on Madame Butterfly, each song works as an individual entity, driven by powerful, melodic hooks, a self-deprecating sense of humor ("Pink Triangle" is about a crush on a lesbian), and a touching vulnerability ("Across the Sea," "Why Bother?"). Weezer can still turn out catchy, offbeat singles." (allmusic guide)

#230 - Morrison Hotel, The Doors

"Morrison managed to keep the shaman out of the fire pit in 1970, finally delivering a solid album marked by blues, barroom piano and the occasional nautical theme. You'll find odd respite in "Peace Frog" (probably the best song they ever recorded), and enter into a quasi-mystical dream state during "Indian Summer."" (real music guide)

#229 - The Clarence Greenwood Recordings, Citizen Cope

"One-man-band Greenwood does an "Eminem," titling a record after his given name. By stripping the sound of his well-produced debut down to the bone, Greenwood dials into a new urgency on cuts "A Bullet and a Target" and "Penitentiary." What hasn't changed is the man's musical gumbo of rap, folk, rock and 1970s soul." (real music guide)


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