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Thursday, October 13, 2005

#251 - Flood, They Might Be Giants

"On their major-label debut, Flood, They Might Be Giants exchange quirky artiness for unabashed geekiness and a more varied and polished musical attack. Although the album contains two of the group's finest singles in "Birdhouse in Your Soul" and "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)," ... Even with its faults, Flood has a number of first-rate songs, and it's a strong addition to their catalog, even if it isn't as weirdly intoxicating as its predecessors." (allmusic guide)

#250 - Live At Leeds, The Who

"A loud, raunchy concert showcase for the group, with surprisingly little material from Tommy. The group's R&B roots are showcased here far better than on their post-My Generation studio albums, and the only problem for some listeners is the lack of the sophisticated studio sound they'd developed on previous releases." (allmusic guide)

#249 - Rhythm Of The Saints, Paul Simon

"Poetic and haunting, Rhythm showcases Simon's impressionistic lyrics ("Further To Fly") and mirrors South Africa's tense climate in the early 1990s ("The Cool, Cool River"). The album's controversy centered around whether Simon was commercially exploiting a troubled situation or just following his muse and conscience." (real music guide)

#248 - At Folsom Prison, Johnny Cash

"Part of the appeal of the (prison) records is the way Cash plays to the audience, selecting a set of songs that are all about prison, crime, murder, regret, loss, mother, God, and loneliness. Cash stimulates the audience's emotions, which in turn stimulates his performance, especially since he delivers the songs with the conviction of someone who has lived through it." (allmusic guide)

#247 - Tonight's The Night, Neil Young

"Recorded when Young was in a very, very dark place -- touring in support of a successful album shortly after both bandmate Danny Whitten and roadie Bruce Berry OD'd -- Tonight's the Night is one of the most emotionally ravaged records of all time. Even the title cut "single" is disturbing. Music this real just doesn't make it to the general public very often." (real music guide)


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