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Thursday, October 13, 2005

#242 - The Heart Of Saturday Night, Tom Waits

"If Closing Time, Tom Waits' debut album, consisted of love songs set in a late-night world of bars and neon signs, its follow-up, The Heart of Saturday Night, largely dispenses with the romance in favor of poetic depictions of the same setting. On "Diamonds on My Windshield" and "The Ghosts of Saturday Night," Waits doesn't even sing, instead reciting his verse rhythmically against bass and drums like a Beat hipster." (allmusic guide)

#241 - Running On Empty, Jackson Browne

"Having acknowledged a certain creative desperation on The Pretender, Jackson Browne lowered his sights (and raised his commercial appeal) considerably with Running on Empty, which was more a concept album about the road than an actual live album, even though its songs were sometimes recorded on-stage (and sometimes on the bus or in the hotel). Unlike most live albums, though, it consisted of previously unrecorded songs." (allmusic guide)

#240 - Sublime, Sublime

"The trio does have a surprising grace in its unabashedly traditionalist fusion of Californian hardcore punk, light hip-hop, and reggae. Switching between bracing hardcore and slow, sexy reggae numbers, Sublime display supple, muscular versatility and, on occasion, a gift for ingratiatingly catchy hooks, as on the hit single "What I Got."" (allmusic guide)

#239 - Room For Squares, John Mayer

"An Atlanta-based singer-songwriter with a style akin to Dave Matthews (they share the same producer), John Mayer returns with the follow-up to his 1999 debut Inside Wants Out. Smooth, slick, and undeniably catchy, Room For Squares features his current single "No Such Thing."" (real music guide)


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