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Thursday, October 13, 2005

#246 - Tupelo Honey, Van Morrison

"The kick-off tune "Wild Night" earned Van another deserved FM hit, while the rest of the album offers more mellow celebrations of nature and love. Folksier than Moondance, this delightful album finds Van exploring different sides of his musical and vocal talents. The title track is a flat out beauty." (real music guide)

#245 - Bring The Family, John Hiatt

"Hiatt and his dream band went into an L.A. studio and knocked off Bring the Family in a mere four days, and the result was the best album of Hiatt's career. The musicians certainly make a difference here, generating a lean, smoky groove that's soulful and satisfying (Ry Cooder's guitar work is especially impressive, leaving no doubt of his singular gifts without ever overstepping its boundaries), but the real triumph here is Hiatt's songwriting." (allmusic guide)

#244 - Either/Or, Elliott Smith

"Elliott Smith's third album sees his one-man show getting a little more ambitious. While he still plays all the instruments himself, he plays more of them. Several of the songs mimic the melody mastery of pop bands from 1960s. The most alluring numbers, however, are still his quietly melancholy acoustic ones." (allmusic guide)

#243 - Woodstock (Music From The Original Soundtrack), Original Recording

"Officially it was "Music From the Original Soundtrack [of Michael Wadleigh's documentary feature film Woodstock] And More," but the triple-LP (later double-CD) Woodstock was really rock's first "coffee table" album. Bought by millions but not really listened to that often, it's amid a flood of wrong notes and the inherent flaws in recording live in front of hundreds of thousands of people in a temporary, makeshift venue." (allmusic guide)


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