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Sunday, October 02, 2005

#669 - East Side Story, Squeeze

"(Elvis) Costello's push for decidedly un-Squeeze-like material and sympathetic production style resulted in not only the band's most diverse but also their most creatively rewarding album to date. East Side Story is definitely packed with the band's trademark bouncy Brit-pop numbers." (allmusic guide)

#668 - Yield, Pearl Jam

"After straying from their signature sound on album number four, Pearl Jam's fifth effort, Yield, marks a return to form for the flannel-shirted ones. And while the band is certainly back on solid songwriting ground, there are no radio friendly singles on Yield, which will certainly disappoint casual acquaintances." (real music guide)

#667 - Black Sheep, Martin Sexton

"Martin Sexton's acoustic singer/songwriter routine is just one of many flavors here; along with Motown-style R&B, sweeping pop ballads, gypsy fiddling, blues, and jazz, there's even a little rapping. The genre jumping works surprisingly well." (allmusic guide)

#666 - Stones In The Road, Mary Chapin Carpenter

"Mary Chapin Carpenter stripped her sound down and returned to the core of her music -- namely, her singer/songwrter roots. Although the lyrics are among her best, Carpenter unfortunately cut back the number of hooks and melodies in her songs. Previously, she found a nice balance between the two, but here, she concentrates on the lyrics to the detriment of the actual songs. The sound of Stones in the Road is pleasant, but there aren't any songs that stick in your head after the record is finished." (allmusic guide)

#665 - On The Border, The Eagles

"Like most successful groups, the Eagles combined many different elements, and their third album, which looked back to their earlier work and anticipated their later work, was a transitional effort that combined even more styles than most of their records did." (allmusic guide)


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