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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Separate Ways

After a stunning five year break after his self titled debut album, Teddy Thompson has a new full-length called Separate Ways. The son of legendary songwriters Richard and Linda Thompson, Teddy writes and sings with sincerity and earnestness. I've given the album a couple of listens and it's great - worth the wait!

The Rhapsody review has this to say:

"Once in a blue moon an album comes along and makes you go "wow!" Such is the case with Thompson's stellar Separate Ways. Thoughtful, articulate and intuitive, Thompson's songs play like fragile, atmospheric shivers of regret, but instead of getting weighed down by mournful lyrics, you are buoyed by the airy, effortless arrangements and subtle pop sensibilities." - Linda Ryan

Listen to Teddy Thompson - Separate Ways


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