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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Is it ever enough?

The other day I was thinking of two different songs that both had the word "enough" in the title, and it seemed like a good idea for a playlist. Wow, there are a lot of great songs that fit the bill! I am really happy with the quality of this playlist. Hopefully you'll hear something new, something familiar, something catchy, something different.

There's 'something' for everyone: if you've had enough, can't get enough, are strong enough or good enough or deep enough. Here at RiB we can never get enough of good music!

Enough is Enough playlist

* "Enough" - Todd Snider
* "Strong Enough" - Sheryl Crow
* "Enough" - Cat Power
* "Good Enough" - Sarah McLachlan
* "Enough" - The Undertones
* "Enough Is Not Enough" - Joe Jackson (Rock)
* "Never Get Enough" - Billionaire
* "Not Enough Time" - INXS
* "Enough Space" - Foo Fighters
* "Enough" - Dance Hall Crashers
* "Enough Of The Night" - Jackson Browne
* "Enough" - Yo La Tengo
* "Enough (Extrinsic Remix)" - Gravity Kills
* "Never Enough" - The Cure
* "Old Enough" - The Matthew Show
* "Deep Enough" - Live
* "It's Enough" - Sleater-Kinney
* "Never Enough" - Del Amitri
* "Strong Enough" - Tal Bachman
* "Good Enough" - The Knack
* "Never Enough" - The Monkees
* "Loved You Enough" - Yonder Mountain String Band
* "Not Pretty Enough" - Kasey Chambers
* "Ain't That Enough" - Teenage Fanclub
* "Can't Get Enough" - The London Suede


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