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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Yours to Keep

Amazon has recently added some free mp3 downloads you might like to know about. I am all about free mp3 downloads. Link takes you to the download page on Amazon (I don't think I can link directly to the mp3).

Sufjan Stevens - "The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts" (What is with this guy and his song titles? I've never seen one shorter than six words. Good songs, though)

Maria Taylor - "Speak Easy" (One half of Azure Ray and part of the Saddle Creek stable of indie darlings)

Dressy Bessy - "Who'd Stop the Rain" (I had never heard of Dressy Bessy before but WOXY.com has been playing them lately)

Stephen Malkmus - "Baby C'mon" (You've been living under a Top 40 rock if you don't know about Malkmus much-hyped newest solo album. I dig this track)

Mike Doughty - "Looking at the World From the Bottom of a Well" (Come ON people, how many times do I have to tell you that you need this entire record?)

Laura Cantrell - "14th Street" (I'm not very familiar with Ms. Cantrell but Bruce from XPN seems to like her a lot.)

Belle & Sebastian - "Take Your Carriage Clock And Shove It" (From the new EP collection)

Teenage Fan Club - "It's All in My Mind" (Drake will be all over this one.)

Maia Sharp - "Reminder" (From the CD Fine Upstanding Citizen. Grouped with the likes of Kathleen Edwards, Tift Merritt, Aimee Mann.)

Nathaniel Street West - "Grass Valley" (Live cut from a show at The Knitting Factory in LA. Young boy's got the blues.)

The easiest way to keep track of Amazon's latest free downloads is with the RSS feed. You're welcome.


  • At Thu Jun 02, 08:16:00 PM EDT, Blogger drake leLane said…

    yes, I would've been all over that Teenage Fanclub download if not for the fact that I found it elsewhere a couple weeks ago... hard to hide a meaty bone from a hungry dog, ya know?

    In related news, the album, Man-Made, should be in Rhapsody this coming Tuesday (June 7th)... all part of the lil' power-pop revival I'm trying to propogate ;)

    I loves me the Sufjan Stevens!

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