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Monday, May 23, 2005

The Scene Is Now

The Insound weekly newsletter is worth subscribing to just for things like this:

"If you're anything like me, and when you were 13 you screenprinted your own Blank Generation t-shirt and sometimes daydreamed that you were Tom Verlaine and looked awesome in a turtleneck, then you'll understand what I'm about to say. See, I feel like most of us think about our favorite bands and wish we could have been there and discovered them in their prime. Like thinking, 'It must have been so awesome to have seen Minor Threat.' Or 'Can you imagine what The Stooges, the real 1960s Stooges must have been like live? Opening for The MC5?' Or, how about, 'Just to have seen one of the MTV 120 Minutes tour from 1991 when Blind Melon and Live shared the same stage. Just for one night to have been there.'

I'm sure you can all relate to those thoughts. And because I know you can all relate to those thoughts, I know you'll understand what I'm gonna say now: Love Spoon. Appreciate them. They are part of our here and now. A great band. In their prime. And they have a new album. And we are living in the scene. Right now. And that somewhere a 13 year old kid is screenprinting his own Three Mile Pilot shirt and will one day bemoan the fact that he never got to see the Ponys or Electrelane (both of whom have records out this week) in their prime. And maybe one day you will meet this kid and you will be able to share this story and a good cry with him. And maybe you will realize that he is really you.

Now think about that."

If I knew the writer's name, I would give him credit. This would be a good time to listen to Gimme Fiction again. It just gets more impressive every time.


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