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Friday, May 20, 2005

Life is Beautiful

I had the singular pleasure of seeing Amy Correia last night at Whitaker Center in Harrisburg. A more charming and down-to-earth soul you will not find in music today. There were less than 40 people, but we were all enjoying every minute of her performance. She kept saying 'what should I play next?' and thankfully took my suggestion of "Life is Beautiful."

Here is a sampler that includes some of the songs she played last night. If you've never heard Amy before, give her a listen - she has a very distinct voice that really grows on you with repeated listens. This was the second time I've seen her perform live and I plan to see her again.

Listen to Amy Correia Sampler

* "Dollar Lake"
* "The Bike"
* "Beutiful/Ugly"
* "Coney Island, USA"
* "Life Is Beautiful"
* "59th Street"
* "Lakeville"
* "Carnival"
* "Hold On"
* "Blind River Boy"


  • At Fri May 20, 02:18:00 PM EDT, Blogger Mark said…

    I saw Amy in Haddon Heights a year or two ago. I thought her first CD was good but over-produced, and seeing her live with a stripped-down sound proved it to me. She sounded great without all the tinkering.

    from what I've heard of her latest album there's a lot less tinkering this time around.


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