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Thursday, September 29, 2005

#836 - The Book of Secrets, Loreena McKennitt

"Expertly recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World studios, this CD serves as a travelog of sorts for McKennitt, musically detailing her travels during 1995 and 1996. She provides the musical and lyrical inspirations from each location she visited, utilizing the instruments and sounds she encountered on her travels. Although she may be referred to as the Canadian Enya, Loreena McKennitt is definitely her own person, producing music of beauty and warmth." (allmusic guide)

#835 - Volunteers, Jefferson Airplane

"Controversial at the time, delayed because of fights with the record company over lyrical content and the original title (Volunteers of America), Volunteers was a powerful release that neatly closed out and wrapped up the '60s. Here, the Jefferson Airplane presents itself in full revolutionary rhetoric, issuing a call to "tear down the walls" and "get it on together"...the band offers a mix of words and music that reflect the competing ideals of simplicity and getting "back to the earth," and overthrowing greed and exploitation through political activism, adding a healthy dollop of psychedelic sci-fi for texture." (allmusic guide)

#834 - Amplified Heart, Everything But The Girl

"This 1994 release is mostly acoustic, with long dreamy harmonies that give it an easy listening/pop feel. It'll make you want to send a bouquet of flowers to someone you miss. This was their last full pop/rock album, coming out just before they evolved to a mix of rock and electronica." (real music guide)

#833 - Lost In Space, Aimee Mann

"For all the shadows that stretch across Lost in Space, what lingers in the wake of this music is the realization that Mann remains spectacularly underrated among contemporary songwriters; no one surpasses her as a master of poetic regret, and few albums examine the peculiar beauty of depression with the skill she brings to Lost in Space." (allmusic guide)

#832 - One Nation Under A Groove, Funkadelic

"Arguably the funkiest group ever to rock a stage, Funkadelic have endured thanks to timeless hits and their heavy influence on hip-hop. 1978's One Nation Under A Groove is their best selling album (the title track went to No. 1); it perfectly fuses offbeat humor, social commentary, and exceptional musicianship." (real music guide)

#831 - Blind Melon, Blind Melon

"Managing to be equally mellow and introspective as well as rough and rocking, Blind Melon's 1992 self-titled debut remains one of the most pure sounding rock albums of recent "time," completely devoid of '90s production tricks. While the group was never the toast of the critics, their self-titled '92 debut has held up incredibly well over "time," resembling a true rock classic." (allmusic guide)


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