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Thursday, September 29, 2005

#808 - Kids In Philly, Marah

"Kids in Philly is stunning in its diversity, and even more stunning in its ambition. The album forges its own confident, note-perfect rock & roll sound, while practicing the type of effortless stylistic hopping that hadn't been executed to such wonderful effect since the heyday of the Fab Four. It is a relentlessly infectious and mature album that displays an uncommon artistic authenticity." (allmusic guide)

#807 - Enlightenment, Van Morrison

"Enlightenment dips down after a strong opening pair ("Real Real Gone," "Enlightenment"), settling into a pleasant sound that never winds up turning out a particularly notable song. Certainly not a bad record and livelier than those he was making a decade before, but still not particularly engaging, either." (allmusic guide)

#806 - Brand New Day, Sting

"This 1999 release is one of Sting's easiest, most lighthearted solo records. Rather than pontificate on political issues, as he has been known to do, the former Police frontman opts to sing about life and love in a confident, genuine manner. Not a comeback, but a treat for longtime fans and newcomers alike." (real music guide)

#805 - Aftermath, The Rolling Stones

"This 1966 classic is one of the Stones' absolutely essential records. Arguably the best of their original lineup, with the doomed Brian Jones on guitar and sitar, Aftermath includes "Paint It, Black," "Flight 505," "Under My Thumb" and "High And Dry." It was their first record of all-original material." (real music guide)

#804 - Different Class, Pulp

"Pulp don't stray from their signature formula at all -- it's still grandly theatrical, synth-spiked pop with new wave and disco flourishes, but they have mastered it here. Not only are the melodies and hooks significantly catchier and more immediate, the music explores more territory." (allmusic guide)

#803 - Eldorado, Electric Light Orchestra

"Eldorado was strongly reminiscent in some ways of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Not that it could ever have the same impact or be as distinctive, but it had its feet planted in so many richly melodic and varied musical traditions, yet made it all work in a rock context, that it did recall the Beatles classic." (allmusic guide)


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