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Thursday, September 29, 2005

#830 - Into The Music, Van Morrison

"The first half is a rollicking celebration of life ("Bright Side of the Road" and "You Make Me Feel So Free" should've been hits), while the second part slows things down, finding a spiritual and thematic summation in the amazing "And the Healing Has Begun." A special work from a unique artist." (real music guide)

#829 - Captain Beyond, Captain Beyond

"It's odd that Captain Beyond has remained as obscure as they have when this 1972 album takes Spirit, Deep Purple's Machine Head and Hawkwind's Space Ritual to what can only be termed as the next level. At their best, they're like a space rock version of the Allman Brothers. "Myopic Void" was about 1000 years ahead of its time." (real music guide)

#828 - Cold Spring Harbor, Billy Joel

"In its own way, Cold Spring Harbor was a minor gem of the sensitive singer/songwriter era; Joel may have been in his formative stages as a craftsman, but his talents are apparent, and he never made an album as intimate and vulnerable ever again." (allmusic guide)

#827 - New Beginning, Tracy Chapman

"Though she has added a backup band, Chapman continues to take a simple musical approach that focuses attention on her voice and to sing lyrics that alternate between intimate emotional portraits and broad political generalizations that seem more felt than deeply thought out." (allmusic guide)

#826 - Siren, Roxy Music

"Roxy Music combined soul and pop elements with their Continental Art Rock craziness, giving birth to the New Romantic sound. The FM hit "Love is the Drug" defined the '70s singles scene, but "She Sells," "Sentimental Fool" and "Both Ends Burning" are still perfect for licking your wounds alone after the disco closes." (real music guide)

#825 - Don't Tell A Soul, The Replacements

"Hated by the press and their fan base because this offering was too polished, there are actually a number of superior tunes here (the pre-alt country "Achin' To Be" is Paul Westerberg's personal favorite) even if it lacks the magic of their previous three releases. Question: if Pleased To Meet Me didn't turn them into household names, why did they think this would?" (real music guide)

#824 - Van Lear Rose, Loretta Lynn

"As the producer, Jack White makes Lynn's album sound like countrified White Stripes with better drumming, but that's just fine. This is the first time Lynn has recorded all her own songs on one record, and her music proves to be more haunting than any Nashville producer could have imagined. Oh, and the kids will dig it." (real music guide)


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