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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Josh Joplin - Jaywalker

OK, so I've been out of it, alright? Life just moves too fast for me sometimes. But with the happy arrival of Robert's new son, it's time to step up and make some noise while he helps take care of the little one (congrats Robert!).

Trying to catch up on the latest additions to the Rhapsody catalog, I came across a new album from Josh Joplin. Best known for his radio-friendly hit "Camera One" back in 2000, this guy has been a favorite of mine for a long time. He was signed to Artemis Records and released two albums, Useful Music and The Future That Was. Unhappy with the rigor of recording music for a major label, Joplin had a chance meeting with Dan Zanes (of the Del Fuegos) who encouraged him to record some music on his own terms and worry about the label commitment later.

The resulting record, Jaywalker, was ultimately rejected by Artemis Records, which left Joplin free to sign with Eleven Thirty Records out of Haw River, North Carolina. The artist-driven label gave him the freedom to records what and when he wants. Jaywalker has the great sound we expect from Josh Joplin - his distinctive voice is riveting and brings his lyrics front and center.

You can download the song "Mister New Year's Day" for free from the Eleven Thirty Records site.

Listen to Josh Joplin - Jaywalker

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Sunday News

Here are the latest additions to the playlist of The Sunday News for September 18, 2005. Features tracks from Bril, The Double, and Sia.

Listen to The Sunday News, 09/18/05

* "Far Away" - Bril
* "Saturday" - Go Betty Go
* "Going Down Swinging" - Nashville Pussy
* "The Golden Boy" - Shelby
* "Stormy Weather" - Echo and the Bunnymen
* "Let Down" - Bif Naked
* "Welcome To Fort Awesome" - Alternative Champs
* "Idiocy" - The Double
* "Precious" - Depeche Mode
* "Breathe Me" - Sia
* "Some Say" - Sum 41