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Monday, January 30, 2006

Really quick so it doesn't hurt

We're gonna do this real fast-like, see? 'Cause I'm leaving for Disney World in two hours, see? And this blog hasn't been updated in way too long.

First, get your John Denver on. You know you want to. Just click it already. It's the only decent plane song out there. It makes you cry.

Someone helpfully suggested that I must be listening to something, right? Here's what it is.

First, one of my top ten of '05 (although according to the ads at Coolfer it doesn't come out til February??), Elbow's Leaders of the Free World. "Station Approach" will change your life. ("you little sod, I love your eyes.")

Next, how's about The Go! Team's Thunder, Lightning, Strike. Fun, boppy road trip music. Go play.

When you come down off the sugar high from having your third Dr. Pepper of the day from the vending machine at the office, chill with St. Etienne's new release Tales From Turnpike House. I haven't spent a large amount of time with this but it sounds good so far.

Yeah, I couldn't resist climbing onto the We Are Scientists bandwagon for this new one With Love and Squalor. It's got indie rock cred, supposedly. Probably a flash in the pan but the kids dig it.

That should tide ya'll over for a little while. Be nice to each other.

Oh, and one more thing: